Dal, age 22.


Dallatia Tuone, or Dal, as she is known most widely, is a protagonist in Ryne & Dal. She is one of the members of the Dystopian Emergency Task Force, next to Ryne. Dal wears a special amulet which allows her to change her bodily size to gigantic proportions. Whenever her amulet is knocked off or removed by Dal herself, she is separated from her special ability, leaving her at a severe disadvantage to naturally gigantic enemies such as Sharkosaurus. Dal was first voiced by Yui Hisaishi.


Dal is a large, anthropomorphic Dalmatian with black spots and white fur. She wears a white tank top and blue jeans. Dal also wears an amulet with a steel headband with a green emerald in the center.

Personal HistoryEdit

Born on May 7th, 2018, Dal was never outspoken. In fact, she rarely made a sound. Dal was an intelligent girl, grading highly in school, but had a small build and a meek personality. Her fragile emotions contributed to her social isolation. Most human children looked at her as an outcast and some would torment her about being an Anthromorph. In 2024, Dal met Ryne, an Anthromorph raccoon boy. Ryne liked and wanted to know Dal, initially because she was similar to him racially. After a few days of playing together, the two found friendship and because of their similar identities of being different, cherished its value. One day, Ryne had witnessed the kids bullying Dal. Enraged, Ryne attacked the children. Dal was inspired by Ryne's will to fight and attacked the bullies as well. Spectating students called the teachers to the schoolyard and the scuffle was broken up. The school and the authorities decided to transfer Ryne Ampersand and Dal to separate schools after their incident to ensure no more violent activities could be planned by the two Anthromorphs. The two continued their education apart from each other and did not meet again until 2040.

At the age of 22, Dal joined the Emergency Task Force alongside her childhood friend, Ryne Ampersand.