Dal Amulet

Dal's amulet.

Dal's Amulet, officially known as the "Photonic Layer Generator" is a weapon in Ryne & Dal. The device copies and replicates the image of its user and generates each replicated image into a layer. Approximately 2,000 times, the volume of each layer is increased by a small percentage and gives the illusion of gigantic size. The high amount of layers causes density, which provides its user with great strength and quasi shield that can absorb the impact from bullets, the heat from explosions, and strikes from gigantic enemies such as Sharkosaurus.

Appearance Edit

It is a steel headband with an emerald in the center. The amulet latches onto the user's forehead with tiny barbs that attach underneath the skin without pain.

Use Edit

The amulet is used primarily by Dal, but it is useable by any Anthromorph that understands how to turn it on. It was built by the city's defense research team to combat Doctor Antoine Loch , whom was developing a 'Shark Venom' serum to give himself enhanced strength and agility loosely based on the Anthromorph formula.