Evil Dal, a monster taking the form of Dal.

Evil DalEdit

Evil Dal is an antagonist in Ryne & Dal. It takes the appearance of Dal and is much more physically powerful than the original Dal.


Evil Dal is a large, anthropomorphic Dalmatian with black spotted fur and red eyes. Evil Dal's nails are long and sharp.

Personal HistoryEdit

The origins of Evil Dal are shrouded in mystery. The creature is possibly an entity that was drawn to the power radiating from Dal's Amulet. When the Dark Amulet is removed from Evil Dal's forehead, the creature disappears in a blinding red flash of light and causes the Dark Amulet to surge with power.


  • Evil Dal was once cleverly provoked by Ryne Ampersand to kill Odula.
  • Evil Dal cannot tire out or be defeated unless the Dark Amulet is removed from its forehead.