Harris HartlyEdit

Harris Hartly is a protagonist in Ryne & Dal. He is uncharismatic and described as a raving lunatic by the population of Dystopia, but he possesses an unmatched skill in advanced mechanics. Harris aids Ryne and Dal whenever there is a technological issue or a matter of wilderness survival. He was first voiced by Vance Parks.


Harris is a large, anthropomorphic skunk with black fur and a white stripe beginning from his muzzle and ending at the tip of his tail. He exclusively wears an old, faded military shirt with an American flag on the right shoulder and a patch with an eagle and the word "Airborne" on the left.


Harris is usually approachable, but is prone to psychotic episodes induced by paranoia. He can be snapped out of it by being thumped on the head with considerable force, causing him to revert to his friendly demeanor.

Personal HistoryEdit

Born on August 1st, 2002, Harris Hartly was a highly-intelligent child and was raised by wealthy, conservative parents. In 2021, Harris enlisted with the Dystopian Air Force. He earned an outstanding record with high grades in piloting and mechanical repair. Harris was in service for 10 years, until 2031, when during an air show the thrusters on his plane became jammed and he flew off into the desert. Harris ejected from the cockpit before crashing and his parachute chair sailed into a junkyard. The chute became tangled onto one of the junkyard's disabled telephone poles and the wires snapped, sending Harris nine feet towards the ground head-first. He received a head injury that resulted his eccentric personality. Harris also received amnesia from his injury and he forgot about most of his military background.

The Dystopian Air Force posted a missing persons report about Hartly, but after a year of searching, it was called off and Harris was presumed dead.