Foot Soldier,(left) Brute,(center) and Archer,(right)


The Lizardmen are a tribal, desert-dwelling race of creatures found in the caves of the Dystopian desert. They were first voiced by James Bean.


Lizardmen dress in simplistic tribal clothing such as loincloths, hide and steel armor, or sometimes nothing at all. Their thick scales provide enough protection from the elements, so clothing is associated with their culture more than necessity. Common Lizardmen can be as short as 4 feet tall, but Lizardmen Brutes can be as large as 8 feet tall. The Common Lizardmen are the majority of all Lizardmen in existence. They are subservient to the Lizardman Brutes, whom are far lesser in numbers but possess twice the strength of a Common Lizardman. When sighted, Lizardman raiding parties are reported to consist of 3 Common Lizardmen and at least 1 Lizardman Brute.


The Lizardmen's existence date back to prehistoric times and their race has practically gone unevolved since then. They are various species of reptile evolved to walk upright, possess sentient thoughts, and organize isolated, tribal communities. Lizardman tribes are located all over the world and are led by the single strongest Lizard in each tribe.