Photo of Ryne Ampersand.

Ryne AmpersandEdit

Ryne Ampersand is a protagonist in Ryne & Dal. He is one of the members of the Dystopia Emergency Task Force, next to Dal. Unlike Dal, Ryne has no superpowers. He relies on his wits and physical capabilities to survive encounters with the evil-doers of Dystopia. He was first voiced by Ryne Flood.


Ryne is a large, anthropomorphic raccoon with grey, black, and white fur with green eyes. He commonly wears t-shirts with characters from other media or references to popular things. When not wearing a shirt with a pop culture reference, Ryne sports a Hawaiian flower patterned shirt, usually green with yellow flowers.

Personal HistoryEdit

Born on June 22nd, 2018, Ryne Ampersand was a strong and defensive Anthromorph. In school, he was a struggling student. Ryne consistently earned C+ grades and often felt insecure about his intelligence. In contrast, he had physical prowess; getting in fights at school and on the street his mother's apartment lived on. Ryne's mother scolded his unruly behavior and contemplated the option of disciplinary school for him. Ryne caused trouble, but he was not a malicious child. He only satisfied his want to exercise his strength, as it was what he liked about himself. Ryne would taunt teenage thugs on his block or pick fights with the meanest kids at school. In 2024, at the age of 6, Ryne met Dal, an Anthromorph Dalmatian girl. His initial interest in her was superficial, as it was based on the two children's similar race, but after a few days of playing together, Ryne and Dal found genuine friendship. Their strengths and weakness were reversed. Dal was intelligent, but also incredibly shy and physically frail. Ryne was strong, but lacked in his grades. Dal enjoyed Ryne's company in part because of his strength that kept tormenting children away. Ryne liked Dal for her timid nature and he never thought she would judge him.

One day, Ryne saw the children harassing Dal. Enraged, he attacked the children and inspiring his Anthromorph friend, Dal joined the scuffle. Teachers were called from the building to break up the fight and afterwards the authorities and the school board decided to relocate the two students to separate schools to ensure they would not cause anymore violent incidents together. Ryne and Dal continued their education apart and would not meet again until the year 2040.