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Ryne Ampersand (left) and Dal (right).

About Ryne & Dal

Ryne & Dal is a series of 3D animations about the adventures of Ryne Ampersand and Dal, created by Ryne Flood. The series first appeared on YouTube on February 22, 2012. The series' premise is about two Anthromorphs, Ryne Ampersand the raccoon and Dal the Dalmatian, and their duty to protect the city they live in from monsters, criminals, and other threats. Dal possesses an amulet that allows her to grow 30 feet tall and provides an energy shield to protect against bullets, explosions, and attacks from other gigantic creatures such as Sharkosaurus. The sprawling mega-city they live in, Dystopia, is constantly threatened by large creatures, rampant crime, and sometimes alien attacks.

Ryne & Dal has also featured a short computer game, "Outrun Dal".

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