Sharkosaurus is an antagonist in Ryne & Dal. He is the mutated, shark DNA infused form of Doctor Antoine Loch.


Sharkosaurus is a gargantuan, anthropomorphic shark-like monster with grey and light brown flesh with red eyes. He sports large fins on his head, back and tail. The fin on Sharkosaurus' back can be retracted back into his body at his own will. He also has sharp, black claws that have replaced his human nails.

Sharkosaurus was previously a human named Antoine Loch, a man that collaborated with the creator of the Anthromorphs, James Cordell. Loch had a vision to create super soldiers for the military and hoped to replace human soldiers altogether. However, Cordell had a different mindset. He planned to utilize Anthromorphs to work alongside humans in commercial cities. The two scientists were bitter co-workers, but eventually finalized the Anthromorph DNA blueprint. After the Anthromorphs were implemented into human society, Loch began to feel scorned about his defeated Shark Spawn concept. In a depressive rage, he broke into the labs were the Anthromorphs were created, concocted a serum with small traces of Shark Spawn DNA and swallowed it, half attempting to kill himself. The serum violently transformed his body, shaping it into the vague shape of a shark, while still retaining his human skeleton. Loch also began to grow larger gradually over time until he became gargantuan. He currently plots against his old mentor, James Cordell, to exterminate the Anthromorph race and replace it with his own Shark Spawn warriors.